The Editor Scolds

It is always easier to sit back and criticize others instead of taking action, and that’s just what the Standard did in its July 27, 1900 issue on page 4:

The Skidmore Improvement Association! Where is it? If the good ladies who are members of the organization want to sustain their reputation they earned in the spring something will have to be done soon. Some people in Skidmore have evidently forgotten the existence of the Association.

On that same page, the editor further griped:

The summer is passing and that public well and watering trough are not yet in sight. Verily this town is slow in some things!

The criticism worked, no doubt much to the delight of the editor, who reported in the August 3 edition on page 1:

To Ladies Only.

The Standard’s querry [sic] last week, concerning the Skidmore Improvement Association, caused at least one lady member of the organization to wonder where the other members “are at.” This lady called Wednesday evening and requested us to announce a time for the association to hold a meeting, when it is especially urged that each and every member will be present, even if she has to leave the washing, ironing or dinner dishes undone.

The meeting will be held at the home of Mrs. W. R. Linville, Tuesday, August 7.

Ladies may take their fancy work and babies to the meeting if they can not leave them at home.

Do we suppose the editor picked up on the notion that the ladies were busy doing things other than town improvement or growling about the lack thereof? No, we do not think he did.

The editor was also perhaps feeling just a tad defensive. From elsewhere in the August 3 issue:

Appearances are oftentimes deceiving; and no doubt many observers have concluded that the scraps of paper and bits of paste-board boxes which have occupied a prominent place in the grass in front of the Standard office, all summer, were swept out by the printers. But such is not true. We are only victims of the south wind.

Sure, Mr. Editor.  We’re sure the ladies of Skidmore believed you.