The Mayor Complains

The life of a public servant is not an easy one.  Sometimes, you just have to speak your truth, and Mayor W. R. Linville did just that in the May 20, 1904 Skidmore Standard on page 4:

To the Citizens of Our Town.

I want to say a few words to the citizens of Skidmore that all persons having defective sidewalks should repair them at once as there are a great many such walks in the city.  Now for the safety of our citizens and the protection of our city we must comply with the ordinances along this line.  We have other violations of our ordinances that must be looked after.  There are some of our streets and alleys that are filled up with wagons, farm tools and other rubbish and some of the alleys are filled with manure from barns so that it is almost impossible to pass through them with a rig of any kind.  All persons knowing their alleys to be in this condition must clean them up without further notice.

There are some who herd their cows on the back streets of the city and some picket them out on the streets.  This is a violation of the ordinance and must be stopped or the marshal will take them in charge.

I have been informed that there are some pig pens in town that are very offensive to some of our citizens. Such nuisances must be removed as it is the time of year when such things are very unhealthy.

To the poll tax payers.  There are some able bodied men in the city that have not paid their last year’s tax.  All persons who have not paid their poll tax must pay up at once and save costs.

W. R. Linville, Mayor.