The Standard Helps Them Along

The editor of the Skidmore Standard enjoyed telling the town what it should do, and he especially enjoyed telling the ladies of the Skidmore Improvement Association what he thought of their work. (We wonder what they thought of the editor.) Here is further commentary from the November 8, 1901 Skidmore Standard, page 1:

A Troubled Case.


We received the following letter several days ago:


Whitesville, Mo.,
Nov. 11, 1901.


Dear Sir:
We are talking town improvement here and as you have a “town improvement” organization would like, if not too much trouble, to have you write me something of the methods of organization. Is it distinct and separate from the incorporation? Would appreciate an early reply, and will return the favor any time I can.


Jno. F. Case.


This seems to be a case of troubled Case at the case, and in that case, will tackle the case as good may come of it, for Bro. Case, besides being the editor and publisher of the Whitesville Banner, is the good natured postmaster of that place. But, for all that, if it were not digressing too much, we would wager a season ticket to the Skidmore Punkin Show next year that our Skidmore postmaster can out weigh him and can out run him in a foot race, best two in three from here to anywhere, but that isn’t what we started to say.


There was an organization formed here last year for the purpose of helping to beautify and improve the village — we were a village then but are now a city; everybody please remember that — but, like all work of such kind it met with lots of opposition, as most people who failed to support it, perhaps imagined they would be asked to exert themselves a little toward clearing up their premises which might shorten their loafing hours. But with due respect to all the prejudice, rebuffs and ridicule it had to contend with, the organization done lots of good. Last year the streets and alleys and private property was kept neater and cleaner than ever before, and the improvement association did not compel anyone to do anything either. There was also a good many feet of hitching racks put in.


This year while the association has not been active it has had a well put down and a pump put in and whenever you take a drink or water your team at the town pump, or see any one else do likewise, remember the Skidmore Improvement Association permitted the enjoyment of that privilege. Now since the association has secured a well of nice, pure, clean, clear water it is hoped that those who were so often wondering “what they’ve done with all the money they’ve got” and making corrupt remarks will use the well sufficient to rinse out their mouths that they may only say kind things for good causes.


While there is plenty of room for improvement, we believe our city is in better shape than any place that has not had an improvement society.


We do not believe the ladies of Skidmore will let the association fall through and the Standard will always be ready to help them along.