Visiting, 1907

A good portion of any Skidmore newspaper’s content was made up of little items detailing who visited whom, where people traveled, and who shopped where. Local correspondents helped, and the editor or one of the newspaper staff often stopped in at the Depot to observe the town’s comings and goings.

Here is one set of examples from the April 4, 1907 Skidmore New Era, page 5:

The Misses Bertha and Millie Logan, of Maitland, spend Sunday with friends in our city.

George Bramble and family have moved to Maryville, where they intend to run a boarding house.

Miss Julia Ward left Saturday night for Pickering to take charge of a school.

Miss Hattie Barker spent Sunday in Maryville with her sister, Mrs. Earl Lennox.

Dr. J. M. Hutt came up from Kansas City Saturday to look after the work on his farm.

Chas. Pfeiffer and family are proud possessors of a fine piano they recently purchased of Neal Hoblitzell.

Fred Diss came over from Maryville Saturday morning and spent the day with his sister, Mrs. Aaron Linville.

C. E. Pope went over to Barnard Thursday morning and remained until Tuesday morning with his brother Harvey.

Mrs. Clara Shepard and family who left here the fore part of last month, will make their future home at National City, Cal.

Buy your wall paper at the Skidmore Drug Co.’s store.

J. I. Linville returned last Thursday morning from Chicago, where he had accompanied a shipment of stock a few days before.

Seed Corn. Three varieties of seed corn, which won gold medal at St. Louis Exposition. White, yellow and mixed. $1.00 per bushel. Seed house, one mile west of Skidmore. Come and see this corn. A. F. Howden.

A. H. Garnett and daughter, Miss Ada, and John Gray and daughters, Misses Bessie and Hazel, were in Maryville Monday.

Mrs. Clara Shepard came up from Mound City last Thursday evening and put in Friday arranging for the sale of her household goods which took place Saturday afternoon. Nearly all the goods sold very cheap.

Mr. and Mrs. J. L. Payton and daughters left Tuesday morning for Glacier, Texas, where they recently purchased land on which they will make their future home. A car loaded with their household goods and farm implements was shipped to Glacier several days ago. Their son was in charge of the car.