Voted in 16 Presidential Elections

From the November 7, 1912 Skidmore New Era (Skidmore, Missouri):

Voted in Sixteen Presidential Elections

W. W. Tracy was probably the oldest voter at the polls in Skidmore on Tuesday’s election.  Mr. tracy has voted in sixteen presidential elections, casting his first vote in 1848 for Zachariah Taylor, the Whig candidate.  He was originally a Whig and a great admirer of the ablest and greatest exponent, Henry Clay, for whom he tried to vote in 1844, but the old judge of the election board, who was a neighbor of young Mr. Tracy, told him that he couldn’t vote as he didn’t have enough whiskers on his face.

The slogan in that campaign, says Mr. Tracy, was: “Hurrah for Clay and the constitution, against James K. Polk and distribution.”  Mr. Tracy cast his first Republican presidential ballot in 1856 for John C. Freemont.