W. C. Hoagland Taken to Soldiers Home

Before we had Facebook and HIPAA and privacy laws, we had the local newspaper to share our health-related news with all who wanted to know.  Here’s an example from the June 30, 1910 Skidmore New Era (Skidmore, Missouri), page 1:

Taken to the Soldiers Home at Leavenworth, Kansas.

W. C. Hoagland, an old soldier and citizen of Skidmore, was taken by his brother-in-law, Wils Elsworth, and nephew, Leslie McGinnis, to the Soldiers Home in Leavenworth, Kansas, Monday.

Mr. Hoagland had been staying at the “Home,” but a few weeks ago he had been granted a 90 days furlough and was home with his family.

About five years ago Mr. Hoagland received a paralytic stroke of his right side which greatly impaired his health.  A little over a year ago Mrs. Hoagland and the family noticed that his mind was becoming affected, which grew worse from time to time until he became unmanageable.  For the last two months he has been a great care to the family, but his physical condition was such that Mrs. Hoagland would not permit him to be removed from the house.  Dr. Pierpoint was called to administer to his condition physically, and as he improved in health he became all the more harder to control by his family and nurses, until at last Mrs. Hoagland consented for him to be removed to where they were better prepared to take care of him.

Mrs. Hoagland and her two daughters have been very patient and untiring in their care for him and the willing and obliging neighbors have assisted very much in administering to his wants and keeping him under control.  For the past two or three weeks it has required from two to three watches constantly at his bedside.

In this connection Mrs. Hoagland wishes us to sincerely thank the neighbors and friends who have so kindly assisted in the nursing and caring for Mr. Hoagland and the assistance rendered herself and daughters.