W. F. Wade is Robbed

Crime news from the October 14, 1904 Skidmore Standard, page 1:

Thieves at Work.
A Skidmore Residence Entered by Thieves Wednesday Evening and Secured $67 in Cash and About $40 in Checks.

The residence of W. F. Wade’s was entered Wednesday night some time between the hours of 11 p.m. and 6 a.m. yesterday morning by some thief. He gained an entrance by cutting out the screen and prying up one of the kitchen windows. The thief made way with the wearing apparel of Mr. Wade’s, which contained 4 ten dollar bills, 1 ten dollar gold piece, 3 five dollar bills and 2 one dollar bills and about $40 in checks and a gold watch and chain. The watch is described as follows: Hunting case, stem wind, lever set, size 6, 20 year Deuber case, 7 jewel Springfield movement, No. of case 2,032,779, No. of movement 779,210. The chain had a K. P. emblem for a charm with Mr. Wade’s initials engraved upon it.

There was a spade and a sack of dirt found by H. W. Montgomery, cashier of the Farmer’s Bank, in the rear of their building yesterday morning. There was a stranger seen loitering around town Wednesday afternoon.