Watch Meeting for the New Year, 1913

Skidmore, Missouri knew how to throw a party in 1913, and the Skidmore New Era knew how to report on it.  From the January 2, 1913 Skidmore New Era (Skidmore, Missouri), page 5:

“A Watch Meeting”

Mrs. J. F. Patton and Mrs. F. S. Albright entertained the “M. M. Ms.” Tuesday evening at the beautiful home of Mrs. Patton.  The entertainment was “watch meeting — to watch the old year out and the new year in.”

The house was artistically decorated in red and green, which was the color scheme throughout.  The evening was spent in progressive Some’r’Set.  Over each table hung a bell, and in each bell were score cards, which fell upon the table in due time.  The tables were numbered by the months of the year and on each table was something to signify the month, as February was represented by a heart and July a flag, etc.  This proved to be a very mirthful feature, hunting for the months.

Miss Edith Porter and Mr. John Barber carried off the honors.

At twelve o’clock a three-course luncheon was served, to which all did ample justice.

Then resolutions were matched by couples and read to the enjoyment of all.

After the New Year had been duly ushered in and introduced to all present, the guests departed for their homes, voting Mesdames Patton and Albright very clever and congenial entertainers.