Water Works, When?

The editor of the Skidmore Standard (a Skidmore, himself) weighs in on the proposed water works system in the June 17, 1904 edition, page 1:

Water Works, When?

When will Skidmore secure a water works system?  When the moon turns to green cheese or the Nodaway river runs up hill.  A water works system here could be made a good investment, besides being a convenience it would be very handy in case of such a fire as we had last January and lower the insurance rate.  If Skidmore has a promoter let him come to the front, but if not, one could be imported but we would prefer giving some of our own capitalists a chance to make a good investment.

A few days ago solicitors were out after money for a Fourth of July celebration and a nice sum was raised in a short time for only one day’s recreation.  Why couldn’t a water works company be organized and run for the convenience of our people 365 in a year?  This would be a convenience not only in the handsome residences of our fair city but could be extended to the barns in town so they and the beautiful horses might be scrubbed and cleaned up and then taken to some of our neighboring towns and enter horse show contests and secure honors if not the blue ribbon.

All that is needed in any plausible enterprise is push and hustle and if a water works system is not a plausible enterprise, what is?  Should Skidmore not have a hustler, as slow as we are, we might suspend publication for a few weeks and put in a system for our own convenience to wash the forms in future publications should be be able to secure our old patronage after retiring from the water works business.

We know of a town in this county, not so large as Skidmore, that has water works on a small scale and at an expense not above $30 to the residence and a very small expense to keep the well and windmill in good shape.