We Don’t Want Your Money Without Your Good Will

We found this ad for Sewell Bros. & Montgomery to be quite satisfactory.  (Click the ad to enlarge it.) From the Skidmore Standard (Skidmore, Missouri), May 11, 1900, page 1:

Is it Satisfactory?  That's the question goes with every purchase here.  If it's not satisfactory, bring it back today, tomorrow, next week and get your money back.  It is the absolute assurance of fair dealing that retains our trade. One of our maxims reads "for you to remain dissatisfied is to make us more dissatisfied."  It isn't today's trade we're depending on -- it's tomorrow -- next week -- next month -- next year!  We want you to be so well pleased with your treatment here and with what you buy here that you'll come again and again.  And we will remark right now that our efforts to please have been so uniformly successful that calls for "money back" are rarely made.  But it's here just the same for any and all demands that may be made for purchases returned as undesirable.

Advertisement for Sewell Brothers and Montgomery, Skidmore, Missouri, May 1900. As printed in the Skidmore Standard, May 11, 1900, page 1.