William Blackney’s Sale, 1906

From the October 25, 1906 Skidmore New Era:

An Unusual Sale.

Wm. Blackney’s sale of cattle, horses, hogs, grain, hay etc., on last Wednesday was well attended and good prices were received for the property.  The sale amounted to $9,777.50.  An unusual feature of this sale was that Mr. Blackney did not take a single note but received the whole amount that the property brought in cold cash.  This is something that rarely occurs at a small sale and the writer has never known of a sale where so much property was disposed of that everything sold for cash.

Advertisement:  Public Sale!  I will sell at public auction at the Tootle farm, five miles west, and one-half mile north of Skidmore, Mo., on Wednesday, October 17, 1906, the following described stock, grain and hay:  276 head of cattle. . . 6 head of horses. . . 225 head of hogs. . . grain and hay. . . implements.  Terms:  All sums of Ten Dollars and under, cash. Sums over ten dollars a credit of 8 months will be given. Purchaser to give bankable note with 8 per cent interest from date of sale. No property to be removed until terms are complied with.  Sale to begin at 10:30 a.m.  J. M. Hosmer & Son, Auctioneers.  H. W. Montgomery, Clerk.  William Blackney, seller. Lunch on ground by J. W. Miller

Advertisement for William Blackney’s sale, as printed in the Skidmore New Era, October 11, 1906, page 4.