Wolf Hunt

From the July 4, 1902 Skidmore Standard (Skidmore, Missouri), page 1:

Wolf Captured

His Fondness for Turkey Meat Got Him Into Trouble

There was another wolf chase southwest of town Tuesday, and it resulted in a very large grey fellow being run down and killed.  Of the several chases which have occurred recently this is the only one that has resulted in a capture, and the participants in it are highly elated over their success.  The trail was taken up about two and one-half miles southwest of town, near where James Sweet lives, and was followed by the hounds and men for four hours, the wolf making his final fight on W. T. Brown’s farm in the meadow just north of his barn.

James Sweet has unwillingly ministered to the ravenous appetites of wolves for some weeks.  Out of a bunch of fifteen fine pigs he has only three left.  Chickens and turkeys have also gone to feed the hungry wanderers, and Mr. Sweet was getting desperate.  Early Tuesday morning he discovered two large wolves making havoc with an old turkey hen’s flock, and getting a shot gun, he took a shot, which he says crippled one of the animals.  He then came to Skidmore to get up a crowd for a chase.  Purl White was called up by phone and told to bring his hounds.  When he arrived the party of six quietly shipped out of town and left for Mr. Sweet’s place, where the dogs were put on the trail.  The five hounds were no match for the wolf in a fight.  Every time the dogs ran upon him, he cleaned out the pack in short order.  Those who followed the hounds were, Elmer Owens, J. D. Montgomery, Purl White, Jas. Sweet, L. Hitchcock and Henry McDowell.