Working on the Streets

Public works news from the March 21, 1918 Skidmore News (Skidmore, Missouri), page 1:

Working on Street.

Some much needed work has been and is being done, on the streets, under the supervision of Street Commissioner, Reubin Barrett.

The tile leading across the street from the Ashbrook gallery to the southwest corner of J. O. Miller’s yard was taken up, cleaned out and relaid the latter part of last week. This will allow the water that stood in front of the Beverlin & Freeze garage, every time it rained, a chance to pass away.

Then High street, west of the railroad, has been put in good shape by the use of plow and grader, while the hitchracks along the north side of the same street have been lengthened and put in first class condition.

The city council has ordered four new concrete crossings put in, in different parts of town, which will add greatly to our already splendid walk and crossing system.

After these crossings are finished the street commissioner intends to do more work with the grader.