You Have Earned a Vacation – Skidmore Chautauqua, 1915

You and your family have earned a vacation.  Sadly, you’ll have to make other plans, but if you were in Skidmore, Missouri in July 1915, you and your neighbors and friends would have been in for a treat.  (We must say that we have a difficult time imagining the Punkin Show as ever having been debasing, but we’ll have to trust the editor on that.)  From the June 24, 1915 Skidmore New Era, page 1:


Only four more weeks and Skidmore will have her second annual Chautauqua.

Last year’s Chautauqua was a wonderful success in every way and speaks volumes for the moral status of our people.  Skidmore is noted throughout the state for several exceptional traits:  one is her insistence on maintaining the excellence of her schools, even to the point of paying the highest school tax in the state.

She has for years supported a very fine lecture course and now is a pioneer among towns of her size in having a Chautauqua.  Skidmore does nothing by halves, one reason is that everybody either pushes or pulls whenever a public enterprise is promoted.

We are all proud of Monroe township, her churches, her schools, her business men and her citizens, there are no better anywhere, that is why the Chautauqua is taking the place of our Street Fair or Pumpkin Show, because of the fact that the one is elevating while the other as it has degenerated in the last few years has been debasing.  Our people are given to see that it is poor business to pay attractions to come here that take away our money and our morals as well.

A visit to any Chautauqua will show you congregated there the men and women that do things worth while in their communities.  They are there because they know that they will come in contact with those that can aid them in doing better, bigger things next year than they have this, because they want their children to learn what the best men and women of our land are doing and how to do it.  Take our word for it you will not spend $2.00 this year that will bring you as wonderful returns as the $2.00 you spend for a season ticket to the Chautauqua.  You will not devote a week to as beneficial results as you will there. You and your family have earned a vacation.  Take it on the Chautauqua grounds surrounded by your neighbors and friends who are all doing the same thing.