Young Men Should Think

Some timeless advice from the Cameron Observer, as printed in the September 28, 1900 Skidmore Standard:

Young Men Should Think.

When a young man stands on the corner with a group of loafers and makes remarks about the character of the young ladies passing by, we wonder if he has sisters at home, asks the editor of the Cameron Observer. We question his love for the mother that gave him birth. Truly, he does not understand that he may in a careless, indifferent way, say that which will cause many hearts to ache for years. “Unuttered thoughts may sometimes fall back dead; even God himself cannot kill them when they are said.” Yet how many times is some loving daughter and sister slandered by a foul-mouthed whelp, who has not the principle of a contemptible cur! Boys, when you are lightly jesting about the character of some poor girl, do you stop to think that some one else may be talking just so about your sister, if you do not respect theirs? Stop to think that some one else may be oiling the tongue of slander to use in poisoning the minds of the people. Let us say in all tenderness and kindness, be a man.